A Romantic Night with Madame DBus

14 03 2008

A warning to potential readers (if they exist), this following article is slightly technical. As a move to make it remotely bareable, I have decided to blindly splatter it with over-dramatization, poor jokes and innuendo. Hopefully, you will enjoy it, whether or not you have a technical background. It might help to replace my characters with whoever you’d think I’d be uncomfortable with. Do comment on your selection.

‘Tis the eve of Valentine’s. I can imagine thousands of couples all over the world planning a romantic day/night. It also happens to be the eve of my most feared quiz, my arch nemisis, Dr. ThermoD (yes, he has a thick curly black mouschtache and speaks french). However, in the true spirit of love, I decided to blindly force my way through all reason and spend some quality time with my sweetheart through the wee hours of the night.
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Another Concert, and another Rant

10 03 2008

I promise I have a better article in the works, but since I’m trying to keep regular with posts I’ve got to push out something…

Another weekend, another concert. Arguably this is college life; going to second rate concerts to try and glean off some musical taste, establish contacts, and then form an army to take over the world (with music and harmony). But this concert was particularly bad. So bad that we walked out half way through.


  • … infact I had planned to cycle there alone and plod around in my loneliness
  • Granted I really don’t care about my public appearance, but going to a more or less posh area of town in what are essentially jammies is a bit discomforting.
  • … the giveaway: a man standing in a suit painted like a thermometer (and a lungi :-D).
  • Evidently they knew they were corny, but I don’t think they quite understood the magnitude.

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Passion Flame: A Rant

8 03 2008

I’m posting a poem I wrote last summer (before I had come to IIT). To set the story, I was majaarly pissed off by the coaching centre mentality. I had been madly in love with physics (though we’ve broken up, we still remain friends), and a year and a half later, my passion was just sapped away. With the exam over, I decided to generally start writing again, so I started with this. As you will soon see, I have abused the language in nearly every way possible, just to play with it. Most poems I have written till date have been of a melancholy tone. I wanted to try something new and that’s the explanation for the sudden shift in tone in the last few stanzas. It is pretty long, and I hope I don’t bore you with it.


Noooo! I scream inside,
This is who I am
A thousand pieces, together a puzzle,
Each bit part of a grander scheme,
The relation only obvious in afterthought
To do this is to me as to the dog a muzzle,
The bird a cage, the boat an anchor
If it be that I am the jack of all trades,
So be it, for that is who I am,
The jack of all trades,
But king of none.

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Headbanging at Exodus

7 03 2008
RockNight1The event: a rock concert by 6 previously unheard of bands.  The time: 6:00 p.m. on Feb. 16th (Saturday). The venue: a small closed auditorium. That in itself should describe the quality of the event; not very good. It is just not fundamentally possible to hold a rock concert (that too with metal bands) in a confined room. You need open space for all that energy, or just to get away from people who don’t realize how bad they smell. Nonetheless, it wasn’t as bad as it looked. 2 of the bands were pretty good (Armour of God and some other vague name), one band tried to play around with their musical style, but chose the wrong venue for hawaiian rock. The remaining three were your stereotypical death metal bands.

The event was brought together by the same guys who take care of the Unwind Center (which I am yet to visit), Exodus (hence the name of the event).  Most of the people there already knew each other before hand, and our small group was slightly out of place. But considering we constituted half of the non-band audience, it wasn’t much of an issue. I guess the best part of the entire gig was the proximity to the band members. I remember standing in the front, less than 3 feet away from the lead guitarist as he shredded away to glory. I also remember being prompted to sing the chorus of “The Four Horsemen” (Mettallica), and bulbing in full glory.RockNight2

Unfortunately, it happened to be Sucky Saturday, which meant something bad had to happen. Without fail, some moshing did happened, and my specs broke in the midst of it . Which absolutely sucks, since I didn’t even have a spare set. And of course, without them, I couldn’t quite enjoy the rest of the night. Woe is me.

An Introduction of Sorts

5 03 2008

Hello! As a first post, I’d just like to put out a brief introductory message, most of which will find a permanent home in my “About” page.
What this blog is about
I’d like to encase myself in a bubble of self-esteem and say that I am a multi-faceted personality, but between you and me, I just like cupping (i.e. screwing up/ failing miserably) diversely. I plan to use this space as a platform to improve my general command of the language, to generally abuse the same and finally to keep track of technical articles. This implies that you, the innocent reader, will be subjected to either vague ramblings about my equally vague life, general philosophy that nobody really gets, or technical mumbo-jumbo that nobody should get. However at the same time, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to any one who’d like to comment on my posts. After all that’s what drives a blogger.