Hello Planet, Meet the Tap-dancing Timer

17 05 2008

I’m thrilled to say that I have been added to Planet GNOME! (Thank you lucasr) So hello everybody! This being my first post to the Planet, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Arun Chaganty, and vimzard on IRC. I’ve just finished my first year of a 5 year Dual Degree course in Computer Science at IIT Madras. This summer, I’ll be  working on integrating Vim into Anjuta as a GSoC student. (note: I have a posted earlier with a few more details about what I’m doing, and a preview of some other GSoC projects as well).

It’s been a while since I coded in C, and having been softened up with PHP and Python, I decided to go in for flash treatment by drowning myself in GLib and GObjects souffle. To the same effect, I decided to make a little Timer panel applet (which I later plan to somehow embed into Anjuta) using what I learnt. While I can’t deny that some of this unnecessary for my SoC project, I thought that at the least it’d make me a better GNOME developer. Introducing…

The TApplet Timer (pronouced: Tap-dancing Ticker to Armageddon)
The hardest part of this entire mini-project was coming up with a name. After floundering around for a couple of minutes and deciding “Oh, foo, like anyone’ll ever see it anyway”, I just called it TApplet (Timer Applet). Indeed, I mourn the death of my creativity. The “planned” features were:

  • Simple timers which run a command when the finish (playing a
    jingle can be done via the command line)
  • The option to convert the timer into a stopwatch
  • Manage a number of (named) such timers
  • A panel front-end

So far, I’ve done the 1,2 and 4 options. Obligatory screenshots:
TApplet TickkingTApplet\'s menu

Now all I have to do is add support for multiple timers. And make a panel applet out of it. And make an Anjuta plugin. And insert sublimal messages so as to take over the world.



8 responses

18 05 2008
Akarsh Simha

Interesting. Can this be integrated into the GNOME panel as an applet? If yes, that’s a very useful thing. Way to go. Where is the code?

18 05 2008

@ Akarsh: Yup, that’s the plan. The code is on my computer, and until it gets to a stage where it warrants a SF project, I don’t know how to distribute it. I’ll mail you a copy if you want.

18 05 2008
Antoine Levitt

… and integrate the time display so it does not look out of place in the window 😛
Seems cool though. And even if I’m theoretically an enemy here (I use emacs), good luck on your promising soc project !

18 05 2008

@Antoine: Thanks. Technically speaking however, implementing an Emacs plugin after I’m done should be much easier. In fact, subject to astral alignment, I may start on that if time permits (though I doubt I could cover a the breadth of emacs, especially since I don’t use it).

18 05 2008
Michael B. Trausch

If you’re not already using a VCS for it, you could use bzr or git and just host a repository of it anywhere you have Web access.

18 05 2008

Here is another timer applet that has been developed for some time:
Unfortunately, it’s not in the official gnome applet distribution.

18 05 2008
Andrew Gee

Ha! What a coincidence! I was just looking for a timer applet the other day. Can’t wait for it to be brought out.

18 05 2008

@ Micheal: Right now, I’m using SVN. I wanted to try the Anjuta plugin. I’ve always wanted to play around with bzr before, so I’d like to try it. Currently, I don’t have any webspace. I’m trying to get some though.

@ Martin: That’s a very nice applet! I knew I should have checked SF before decided to do any project. It’s unfair that anything I want to do has been done before, better (even my Vim integration has been done in PIDA).
P.S. Sorry, I had to extract your comment from the spam filter.

@ Andrew: I think Martin found a much better applet.

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