Maintainers, I Salute You!

22 06 2008

For most of this past week, I have played the role of a maintainer for an obscure part of our college’s technical festival, Shaastra’s [1], website. I now respect the terribly difficult job a maintainer has to do. I also think I qualify as the worst maintainer ever.
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GSoC India Delhi Meetup

12 06 2008

So I’m a week late. Shoot me.

Well, 7 of the supposed 71 of us turned up to an informal meeting in Delhi. It wasn’t one of those Google office meetups, just one of those “let’s get together so we can make better jabs at each other on IRC”-type meetups. And to that effect it was awesome.

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Vim. Other Editors Don’t Do Such Things

1 06 2008

I’ve been making some progress on my Anjuta-Vim Integration project, infact, I even have screenshots 🙂 [1]. But that’s very deceptive, notice the (null) ((null)) on the window title. Essentially, I’ve written an AnjutaPlugin that implements the necessary interfaces to “open files”. Currently all my interface implementation functions are returning NULL’s or 0’s (which can cause unpredictable segfaults and  memdumps), and that brings me to the real challenge of my GSoC project.
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