Since I’ve Bean Loving You

21 10 2008

Once when the heart did flutter,
Every moment passing only to draw us closer
To glance upon you, my thoughts stuttered,
To breath you in, so refreshing, yet so dear.

As you moved through me, a warmth filled my chest
I was at your every beck and call
I swore I would withstand the test
A test of loss. I failed, and now I fall.

A craving left unsatisfied
You have moved forward, without heed to my growing addiction,
Without heed to the feelings of this body of but flesh and bone,
My sensous brown coffee bean.

Try as I might, I can’t kick the coffee habit.



10 responses

21 10 2008
Andy Wingo

I thought this was going to be cute-but-cheesy, but no — I chuckle, and chuckle.

Thanks 🙂

22 10 2008

HAHAHA! Brilliant. Some inspiration! *wink wink*

26 10 2008

Is it just coffee or someone you have coffee with???
Now come out with the name….

*Waiting in anticipation*

26 10 2008

@Andy: Thanks. It’s still cheesy, but less predictably so I guess.

@Kavitha: *Now* I have the crowning moment of pleasure when I can start using the same dialogs you do when you make your shady max posts. *Muhahaha*

26 10 2008

That is just being evasive… It is copyrighted!!!

27 10 2008

aye caramba

31 10 2008

Never been able to figure out what makes me go deeper in awe — the studd-quotient of your writings or that of the crowd that flocks this blog (planet gnome is a cool place btw).
About the coffee, you still seem to be in the nascent phase of your ‘love’ with it,wait till you end up overdoing it like I did,and things will be such that you will be more than happy to terminate the romance.

31 10 2008

@Kirtika: Well, actually, most of the hits are due to aggregation (courtesy Planet Gnome). Essentially, it’s being stuffed in a lot of peoples faces. I just hope I haven’t been unpersoned by anyone*. Also, p.g.o. status goes down on Nov. 4th. I will miss this place.

Secondly, well see that is the key to a relationship. After you get over the plain infatuation, you have give it some space, and accept it’s inherent flaws. Nobody’s perfect.

Refer: “The Thrill is Gone” by B.B. King and “November Rain” by Guns n’ Roses (the important point of the latter is: “Everybody needs some time on their own”.


2 11 2008
Coco D

My first comment on your blog( cant guarantee that it’ll provide an indepth insight into your poem)

Comments on poem: A very apt description of an infatuation, and, well, frooti probably in my case, i dont really like coffee, s’matter of fact i detest it. But here is a poser, don’t you refer to hedonistic pleasures associated with ‘coffee’ more than the fact, that you enjoy the ‘coffee’s’ company, thus making sure that your relationship with the coffee is inherently short-lived. I mean what is the foundation of your strong relationship with it, is it just ‘carnal’ or is there more to it?

Comments on ‘The Thrill is Gone’: AWESOME!!!!! that is one of my favourite jazz songs

3 11 2008

@Coco: Hmm. I’ve never looked at it that way. Coffee and me, well, we gel. You know, as long as you don’t push it, it invigourates me. And that’s just by it being it. Caffiene and all. All the same, if I were to have conversations with coffee, I’d just be plain off my knockers. If I were to just “hang out” with the coffee, it would just grow cold, heartless and dead inside (this is probably why your coffee sucks. You don’t take proper care of it, and you just wait too damn long).

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