Who am I?


My name is Arun Chaganty. I’m studying Computer Science at IIT Madras, where I am generally called Slinky. If you’ve met enough IIT Madras junta you’ll know that we are supposed to have a back-story behind our names. I assure you I have none worth telling. As you may possibly gleam from the title of this blog, I am tall, and phase out a lot.

What’s this blog about?

I’d like to encase myself in a bubble of self-esteem and say that I am a multi-faceted personality, but between you and me, I just like cupping (i.e. screwing up/ failing miserably) diversely. I plan to use this space as a platform to improve my general command of the language, to generally abuse the same and finally to keep track of technical articles. This implies that you, the innocent reader, will be subjected to either vague ramblings about my equally vague life, general philosophy that nobody really gets, or technical mumbo-jumbo that nobody should get. However at the same time, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to any one who’d like to comment on my posts. After all that’s what drives a blogger.

8 responses

9 03 2008
Akarsh Simha

Well… I’d like to add a testimonial to Arun’s about page. He’s a complete Genius in the several facets of his multidimensional personality. (Forgive my n00bishness when it comes to my English). And as a person, he’s a very nice guy – friendly, and down-to-earth.

9 03 2008
Arjun N Bharadwaj

And G-A-W-D too!! 🙂

9 03 2008

Thank you very much for your comments, but I’d like to point out that this is *not* orkut. And trying not to be very rude about it, please no testimonials. Examples of my bulbitude and other general fart are very much welcome.

11 03 2008

macha we all know that u r a big bulb god.u want some guy to remember u bulbing and put it over here.nice try re loser.try sumthin more intersting to do re choot munda kodka

23 04 2008
Akarsh Simha

Err… you’d obviously want to write a “testimonial” on an about page. An about you page, should actually, IMHO, have a significant share of contribution, because it should not reflect thy modest opinion of how you don’t know anything, but should present a true portrayal of your character 😛

Examples of your bulbitude are better held in Orkut testimonials.

Also, there are some people who don’t Orkut (thanks to the FOSS community), which means that this is the only place they get to write about you 😉

23 04 2008
Akarsh Simha

Err, I meant “significant share of contribution from others”

16 05 2008
Pranesh S

On a much more world chaging note, how come almost every GSoC participant has a blog/starts one when (s)he is going to apply? 😛

@Akarsh : Twitter 🙂 – Even Guido does 😛

Here is my one line testimonial 😉
The answers to some of life’s most deepest questions are answered here. Visit it regularly, nay, even better, subscribe to the feed.

20 08 2008

Your vague life and general philosophy are very much appreciated by moi. Unfortunately, I don’t get your technical mumbo-jumbo. Don’t worry Slinky, we all know that you are pseud. 😀

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