Since I’ve Bean Loving You

21 10 2008

Once when the heart did flutter,
Every moment passing only to draw us closer
To glance upon you, my thoughts stuttered,
To breath you in, so refreshing, yet so dear.

As you moved through me, a warmth filled my chest
I was at your every beck and call
I swore I would withstand the test
A test of loss. I failed, and now I fall.

A craving left unsatisfied
You have moved forward, without heed to my growing addiction,
Without heed to the feelings of this body of but flesh and bone,
My sensous brown coffee bean.

Try as I might, I can’t kick the coffee habit.


FOSS Events @ Shaastra 2008

11 10 2008

As always, I’m a week late on this post. Shaastra, our annual techfest wrapped up on the 5th of October. This last week has been terribly hectic with all of our teachers catching up on lost time.

We handled three distinct “events”, namely a mini-FOSS conference, a HackFest, and of course the VC with Guido van Rossum. Looking back, we probably could have handled things better, but as a first attempt, I think we fared rather well. This is a retrospection of the event, in the hope that it will help others find out something that helped and a lot of things that didn’t.

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Big Red Button

1 10 2008

This is my entry for Shaastra’s Online Science Fiction Writing contest (Shaastra is my college’s annual technical festival). It was judged by Cory Doctrow, and won first place. I am estatic.

In retrospect, I’ve noticed several places where I really screwed up my “flow” and lost “coherency” (quotes because I can’t exactly define either) and other where I just pushed ahead too fast, but I guess Cory liked the underlying story (hey, I’m not complaining ;-)). Either way, credit where it’s due:

  • Brave New World, Aldous Huxley
  • Dune, Frank Herbert
  • Kirtika Ruchandani for a proof read
  • The Acad block for instituting courses like BT101 (Introduction to Biology) and ID130 (Ecology and Environment) in a classroom of 120-140 students, without which I would never find the time to come up with a story line.

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Saying Hi to Guido

13 09 2008

Sure, it isn’t the most awe-inspiring of events, but then again you don’t get to talk to the Guido everyday. Besides which, a considerable amount of effort and FOSS pimpage went into this.
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14 07 2008

(Dedicated to Kavitha, who has kept on poking me to write a non-technical post)

Perched at queer angle upon your faithful chair.
Working away through the wee hours of the night.
Pumped by the loud stereo music, air guitaring as you see fit.
Taking the lights and sounds for granted.


You hear the faint pitter-patter of the rain.
The hurr of the machine world fades away.
Sounds taken for granted, the background buzz of your life.
The lonely night greets you to partake in its silence.

You can’t make a sound. You can’t strike a match.
You can’t ruin the night.

The window opens, smell the freshness of a rainy night.
That wonderful dusty odour tingles your senses.
You hear that odd dog bark.
You hear that odd truck slosh somewhere in the abyss.

You can’t make a sound. You can’t strike a match.
You can’t ruin the night.

Thoughts flow unbidden into your head.
You can’t filter them, you can’t categorize them.
Mentally, you stand back and watch the chaos of your mind.
occupy this new found vaccum.

You can’t make a sound. You can’t strike a match.
You can’t ruin the night.

The hurr begins again, the lights flash back on.
You are blinded by the light.
The sounds hit you from every side, obtrusive and repulsive.
The night is dead. Long live the night.

Maintainers, I Salute You!

22 06 2008

For most of this past week, I have played the role of a maintainer for an obscure part of our college’s technical festival, Shaastra’s [1], website. I now respect the terribly difficult job a maintainer has to do. I also think I qualify as the worst maintainer ever.
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GSoC India Delhi Meetup

12 06 2008

So I’m a week late. Shoot me.

Well, 7 of the supposed 71 of us turned up to an informal meeting in Delhi. It wasn’t one of those Google office meetups, just one of those “let’s get together so we can make better jabs at each other on IRC”-type meetups. And to that effect it was awesome.

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