Blog Shifted

9 11 2008

Behind the times as always, I am no longer being aggregated on Planet GNOME. I had an amazing time being on the Planet, and got some great input from the amazing people there. Thanks to Lucas for adding me to the Planet in the first place, and everyone in GNOME for being so awesome.

I’ve finally found the time to set up my server (after almost 6 months…). It’s still in bare bone stages, but I’d love to hear comments on it’s design.






6 07 2008

QuickSort. It’s widely accepted as the fastest generic sorting algorithm around. It’s also very simple. A comment in the last article showed me this Haskell beauty:

qsort []     = []
qsort (x:xs) = qsort (filter (< x) xs) ++ [x] ++ qsort (filter (>= x) xs)

While my C implementations aren’t any where as beautiful, I’m quite satified with their efficiencies. I’ll keep the code to a minimum, and the let the graphs do the talking.

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GObject Properties

18 05 2008

After creating a number of signals and functions on my own to handle my class’ fields, I reaised that GLib 1-uped me, and already has a frame work for that; properties. Properties are well exposed to the rest of the framework, can be elegantly handled using the g_object_set and g_object_get functions, and of course, emit signals whenever they are modified. This means you get signal creation free of cost. This was something I didn’t find well treated in the tutorial.
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Closures and my all too close-minded understanding of them

18 05 2008

For the first time I’ve had to deal with marshallers or the concept of a closure. It’s quite an interesting topic that I know far too little speak about, except in the context of signals. GObject makes it pretty simple.
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Google Summer of Code 2008 – A preview

23 04 2008

The list of selected applicants for GSoC 2008 is out! And I’m on that list (big grin here). Honestly, I lack the ability to express my nearly orgasmic joy. It only happens to be my birthday today as well, so this is like the best birthday present eva. Um, a hi-5 anyone?
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