FOSS Events @ Shaastra 2008

11 10 2008

As always, I’m a week late on this post. Shaastra, our annual techfest wrapped up on the 5th of October. This last week has been terribly hectic with all of our teachers catching up on lost time.

We handled three distinct “events”, namely a mini-FOSS conference, a HackFest, and of course the VC with Guido van Rossum. Looking back, we probably could have handled things better, but as a first attempt, I think we fared rather well. This is a retrospection of the event, in the hope that it will help others find out something that helped and a lot of things that didn’t.

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Ideas for a Hackathon?

27 05 2008

My college, the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, holds it’s annual techfest, Shaastra, every October. This year, our LUG is pushing for a hackathon to accompany a small FOSS conference (that we’re trying to make big). This will the first time any of us are trying something like this out, and I’d really appreciate any ideas, etc. anyone can give either on how to conduct it, or on some hackable projects.
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A Romantic Night with Madame DBus

14 03 2008

A warning to potential readers (if they exist), this following article is slightly technical. As a move to make it remotely bareable, I have decided to blindly splatter it with over-dramatization, poor jokes and innuendo. Hopefully, you will enjoy it, whether or not you have a technical background. It might help to replace my characters with whoever you’d think I’d be uncomfortable with. Do comment on your selection.

‘Tis the eve of Valentine’s. I can imagine thousands of couples all over the world planning a romantic day/night. It also happens to be the eve of my most feared quiz, my arch nemisis, Dr. ThermoD (yes, he has a thick curly black mouschtache and speaks french). However, in the true spirit of love, I decided to blindly force my way through all reason and spend some quality time with my sweetheart through the wee hours of the night.
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