A Romantic Night with Madame DBus

14 03 2008

A warning to potential readers (if they exist), this following article is slightly technical. As a move to make it remotely bareable, I have decided to blindly splatter it with over-dramatization, poor jokes and innuendo. Hopefully, you will enjoy it, whether or not you have a technical background. It might help to replace my characters with whoever you’d think I’d be uncomfortable with. Do comment on your selection.

‘Tis the eve of Valentine’s. I can imagine thousands of couples all over the world planning a romantic day/night. It also happens to be the eve of my most feared quiz, my arch nemisis, Dr. ThermoD (yes, he has a thick curly black mouschtache and speaks french). However, in the true spirit of love, I decided to blindly force my way through all reason and spend some quality time with my sweetheart through the wee hours of the night.
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