An Introduction of Sorts

5 03 2008

Hello! As a first post, I’d just like to put out a brief introductory message, most of which will find a permanent home in my “About” page.
What this blog is about
I’d like to encase myself in a bubble of self-esteem and say that I am a multi-faceted personality, but between you and me, I just like cupping (i.e. screwing up/ failing miserably) diversely. I plan to use this space as a platform to improve my general command of the language, to generally abuse the same and finally to keep track of technical articles. This implies that you, the innocent reader, will be subjected to either vague ramblings about my equally vague life, general philosophy that nobody really gets, or technical mumbo-jumbo that nobody should get. However at the same time, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to any one who’d like to comment on my posts. After all that’s what drives a blogger.



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