14 07 2008

(Dedicated to Kavitha, who has kept on poking me to write a non-technical post)

Perched at queer angle upon your faithful chair.
Working away through the wee hours of the night.
Pumped by the loud stereo music, air guitaring as you see fit.
Taking the lights and sounds for granted.


You hear the faint pitter-patter of the rain.
The hurr of the machine world fades away.
Sounds taken for granted, the background buzz of your life.
The lonely night greets you to partake in its silence.

You can’t make a sound. You can’t strike a match.
You can’t ruin the night.

The window opens, smell the freshness of a rainy night.
That wonderful dusty odour tingles your senses.
You hear that odd dog bark.
You hear that odd truck slosh somewhere in the abyss.

You can’t make a sound. You can’t strike a match.
You can’t ruin the night.

Thoughts flow unbidden into your head.
You can’t filter them, you can’t categorize them.
Mentally, you stand back and watch the chaos of your mind.
occupy this new found vaccum.

You can’t make a sound. You can’t strike a match.
You can’t ruin the night.

The hurr begins again, the lights flash back on.
You are blinded by the light.
The sounds hit you from every side, obtrusive and repulsive.
The night is dead. Long live the night.



9 responses

14 07 2008

Good poetry 🙂

15 07 2008

At last!!!!!!! Wooooohoooooooo!!!!! Thanks for the dedication.

I like the way you capture the vaccum bit. A suggestion here you don’t need to repeat the lines…. somewhere takes away the flow of the poem although you might be wanting to reiterate….

The 1st stanza is perfect for you I say…. Can visualise you air guitaring!!!! 😛

Honestly, its so true… we take all the science and technology so for granted around us that somewhere we have lost touch with nature…. the machines around us have made us so dependent on them that even imagining a life without them seems impossible. But what helps some of us.. is the insti where we can find nature and its sounds in abundance… one just needs to step out to feel far away from the noise of it all.

15 07 2008
Pranesh Srinivasan

I think I see the reality behind the metaphor 🙂

All of us are pissed at the powercuts in Hyd. 😀

My fav line has to be
“The night is dead. Long live the night.”

I know ..
Its cliche. But the cliche is original.


15 07 2008

I just realized I spammed Planet GNOME with this :-O. @Kavitha: Now half a (figure I don’t know) people know you ;-).

@Kavitha: Thanks for the critique. I also felt a bit fogly about the repetiton of the two lines, which looked good when done once. I guess it’s one of those “Two’s Company, Three’s a crowd” type of things. In my defense, I wrote the whole thing in about 4 minutes (editing and scratching my beard not included).

@ Pranesh: I agree. On both counts. Damn you APTRANSCO!

@ Naveen: Thanks.

16 07 2008

You have brought about a beautiful imagery and expressed the feelings very well! And yaay! It is a poem! So I love it all the more!

22 07 2008

Two things:
First, why couldn’t you come up with something like this for CW?
Second, thanks for the added fodder that dedication gives Anniyan and I.

22 07 2008

@Matthew: Firstly, we had a horrible theme, and secondly, garheimfezing. No I don’t know what it means either.

28 07 2008

I see boobies, and emacs learning curves. teeheeehehehehe.

And no, I am not a spam bot.

Actually, I havent been feeling too well lately. Your website helped a lot. It put me in fits of laughter. And you know, like you know, like you know, they say
“Laughter is the best medicine.”

The only website I ever found to beat yours was one I found on your blogroll and

Btw, I really cant use Irfan View. Maybe I am not really an ub3r c00l h4x0R. I just use a brainfuck script to convert images to ascii, and then a lolcode plugin to view it on bitmap-mule on emacs. Sigh! Someone should teach me to use MSPaint.

Actually, I was just joking. It was a great post. …. NOT.

30 09 2008

😀 I like.
And congratulations on SF. 🙂

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